Students recognized at Honors Convocation

Tue, 04/28/2009 (All day)

April 23, 2009

The Matt Rice Service Award, founded in 1928 in memory of Matthew P. Rice, graduate of 1919, is awarded to the student who over the past four years has rendered the greatest service to the college.  It is awarded by the class of 2009 to: Justin M. Zimmerman                       

Established by the student government association in 1980, in memory of Andrea La Pointe, graduate of the Class of 1979, the Andrea La Pointe Award is given to the graduating senior woman who has contributed the greatest service to the student body.  It is awarded by the Class of 2009 to: Meredith E. Schafer                   

The Arrupe Award recognizes a senior who has displayed outstanding leadership and dedicated Christian service. This year’s recipient is: Kevin M. Saberre, Jr.               

Founded by Mrs. E. E. Stewart in memory of her son, Edward D. Stewart, the Edward Day Stewart Award is presented to the member of the graduating class majoring in English who has attained the highest English average during four years at Spring Hill College. This year it is awarded to: Elizabeth C. Desimone, Emily I. Henry and Christine M. Wadkins    

The Walsh Memorial Award, given to a senior for excellence in oratory, is presented to: Daphne R. Pagonis                       

The J. Franklin Murray, S.J. Award, established in honor of the founder of the Spring Hill College communication arts program is presented annually to the most promising senior in communication arts. This year’s recipient is: Maureen A. Clearkin               

Given to the outstanding senior in teacher education, and based on academic achievement, excellent performance as a pre-service teacher, and participation in the activities of the department, the Bro. Claver Thomas, S.C. Award is presented to: Tiffani M. Shuman   

The Kearley Chemistry Award is named in memory of Dr. Francis J. Kearley, a long-time professor of chemistry.  This award is given annually, upon recommendation of the department faculty, to an outstanding senior in chemistry. This year’s recipient is: Emily A. Williams                       

The Roy F. Montgomery Drama Award is presented to the outstanding senior drama student. This year’s honoree is: Audrey McIntosh

Given to a senior social science major, chosen by the faculty of the division, for academic excellence, for service to the division and to the college, and for professional promise, the Ralph McClain Social Science Award is presented to: Mary Frances Charlton                   

Named in honor of Father J. Lambert Dorn, for many years the cornerstone of the Spring Hill College athletic program, this award is presented to the varsity athlete who has achieved the highest scholastic average over a four-year period. The J. Lambert Dorn, S.J. Award is presented to: Patrick S. Aucoin                       

The Ray C. “Buddy” Lauten Award is presented to a graduating Spring Hill senior athlete who plans to attend graduate school, has overcome obstacles to achieve a high level of success in college, is in good academic standing, and has exhibited outstanding leadership ability.  This year’s recipient is: Patrick S. Aucoin                       

The Mercy Medical Nursing Award is given to a student with high academic standing and who exemplifies the Jesuit mission of caring.  This year’s recipient is: Stephanie A. Hoffman                   

The Providence Hospital Clinical Achievement Award is given to a senior nursing student in recognition of outstanding achievement during clinical practice.  This year’s recipient is: Brooke J. Thouvenot

The Distinguished History Scholar Award is annually presented to the outstanding history senior who will make a significant contribution to a professional field.  The recipient is: Kristen E. Speeg

The Shawn B. Allin Memorial Award is presented to a graduating senior who has demonstrated extraordinary effort in the pursuit of the chemistry degree, and who holds great promise for a successful career in chemistry through work in higher education or industry.  This year’s recipient is: Graham P. Sanborn           

The Outstanding MBA Graduate Award is given to the graduating Master of Business Administration student who, in the judgment of the business faculty, best exhibits a commitment to effort, and excellence in the classroom, community and workplace.  This year’s recipient is: Scott K. Gibson                       

Presented to a junior or senior for the best essay on an assigned topic in social science, the Ralph McClain Essay Award is given to: Christine M. Wadkins                   

The Houssiere Award for excellence in mathematics, established in 1936 by Charles, Ernest and Jules Houssiere is awarded to: Kristal J. Webb       

The Merilh Award, established in 1927 by Edmund L. Merilh, Class of 1917, is given for the best English essay. This year the Merilh award is presented to: Elizabeth C. Desimone                       

Founded in 1939 By Mrs. Louis A. Lange of New Orleans, the Lange Accounting Award for Excellence in Accounting is presented to: Christopher R. Boike                       

The Accounting Achievement Award is presented by the Alabama Society of Certified Public Accountants for achievement in accounting.  This year’s recipient is: Nikki E. Calato                   

The E. Ward Faulk Award, founded in 1936 by Mr. E. Ward Faulk, is given to the student with the highest G.P.A. in business.  This year’s recipient is: John Z. Kline                       

The Economics Award, founded in 1949 by Mrs. Ellen M. Betty, for the best essay in economics, is awarded to: Kristal A. Crawford

The Wall Street Journal Award is presented by the faculty of business to: Christopher G. Johnson

Founded in 1968 by the Department of English, and donated by a member of the Class of 1968, the Richard S. Lynch Award is given for excellence in creative writing, and is awarded to: Elizabeth C. Desimone                       

Named in honor of the distinguished professor of English and former president of Spring Hill College, sponsored by the American Academy of Poets, and endowed by Lawrence P. Lannan, Jr., graduate of the Class of 1976, the Reverend Andrew C. Smith Poetry Prize is presented to: Natalie M. Balants       

The Catholic Poetry Society of America Award, founded in 1963, is granted for excellence in poetry and is presented to: Agnes R. Burdsall   

The Hutchinson Award, for the highest achievement in philosophy, is presented to: Melissa S. Garland                       

In 1986 Mrs. Jean D. Goodwin established an award in memory of her daughter, Robin. Given to the junior majoring in communication arts who displays the most comprehensive knowledge and skill in communication arts, the Robin Goodwin Memorial Award is presented this year to: Alyse K. Granier                       

The Catholic Press Award is presented by the Communication Arts Department to: Mallory E. Lindsly and Shea J. Zirlott           

The Autry D. Greer Award is given in honor of Autry D. Greer, an alumnus, an outstanding journalist and public relations specialist.  The award is for community service in the media and is presented to: Douglas M. Bruce                       

Given to the outstanding history major in the junior class, this year the Howard Smith Award is presented to: Caroline Haas and Nicholas Rayburn           

The Ron Drago Award is presented to the outstanding history major most likely to make important contributions in post-baccalaureate studies. This year’s recipients are: Robert Chadwick Boykin and Brandy A. Williams

The Providence Hospital Nursing Scholarship is awarded (annually) to a rising senior nursing major with a high GPA who consistently displays the value of Catholic healthcare.  This year’s award is presented to: Jessica D. Sharpe               

The Marilyn Spafford Award is made to the sorority with the highest cumulative grade point average. This year that sorority is: Theta Delta Chapter of Phi Mu       

The Outreach Service Award, given for outstanding leadership, dedication and service to the college, and especially to the civic community of Mobile, is presented to: Augusta Brooke Forbes

The Denise Cowan Award for exemplary and faithful community service is given in memory of Denise Cowan, Class of 2003, and a dedicated tutor at Brazier Elementary School who was killed in the spring of 2002.  In recognition of excellent and patient work in tutoring middle school students, the award is presented to: Duong Hoang

In recognition of excellent and patient work in tutoring elementary school students, the award is presented to: Kristen Pyle                   

The Alpha Sigma Nu Scholarship is awarded to a member of Alpha Sigma Nu in the junior class who exemplifies the ideals of academic excellence, service, and commitment to Christian ideals. The Alpha Sigma Nu scholarship for the 2008-2009 academic year is awarded to: Luciana Gomez

The Hacker J. Fagot, S.J., Award, established by Student Government in 1967, is designed to honor a member of the faculty who has rendered, over and above classroom performance, the greatest service to the student body. Members of the student government make the award to: Mr. Michael F. Kenny


Upon nomination by the faculty of their disciplines, outstanding students are selected for special commendation by the President of the College.  These President's Scholars, who have excelled in their areas of study, truly deserve recognition and congratulations.

The President’s Scholar in Accounting is: Sean P. Simpson

The President’s Scholar in Biology is: Laura E. Classen

The President’s Scholar in Business Administration is: Frederick J. Moore III

The President’s Scholar in Chemistry is: Graham P. Sanborn

The President’s Scholar in Communication Arts is: Maureen A. Clearkin

The President’s Scholar in Computer Information Systems is: Leland B. Smith

The President’s Scholar in Continuing Studies is: Janru C. Galloway

The President’s Scholar in Economics/Finance is: John Z. Kline

The President’s Scholars in English are: Emily I. Henry and Christopher S. Williams

The President’s Scholar in Fine & Performing Arts is: Christine N. Gregg

The President’s Scholar in Hispanic Studies is: Patrick S. Aucoin

The President’s Scholar in History is: Christine N. Gregg

The President’s Scholar in International Studies is: Patrick S. Aucoin

The President’s Scholar in Mathematics is: Lauren E. Alleman

The President’s Scholar in Nursing is: Elizabeth L. Seurynck

The President’s Scholar in Philosophy is: Phillip M. Bressie

The President’s Scholar in Political Science And Law is: Christine M. Wadkins

The President’s Scholar in Psychology is: Theodore S. Tomeny

The President’s Scholar in Early Childhood & Elementary Teacher Education is: Allison M. Bergeron

The President’s Scholar in Secondary Teacher Education is: Tiffany A. Bishop

The President’s Scholar in Theology is: Emily I. Henry

The President’s Scholar in Writing is: Elizabeth C. Desimone