Students in interdisciplinary course tackle health care reform

Mon, 01/25/2010 (All day)

Jan. 25, 2010

MOBILE, Ala. – During spring semester 2010, Spring Hill College is offering an interdisciplinary course in health care reform for junior and senior scholars.

The seminar prepares students from across disciplines, including philosophy, social sciences and business, to gather information on the issue of health care reform. The students will work collaboratively to frame that knowledge into three different policy choices, and ultimately will present those choices to an informed audience in a deliberative forum, thereby leading that audience to a public judgment that is grounded on commonly held values.

The class’s format suggests that public policy in a democracy requires particular skills, attitudes and knowledge to enable citizens to push beyond expertise, ideology and individual perspectives toward the common goal of public judgment. Ideally, public judgment emerges from the informed and civil deliberation of ordinary citizens.

The three policy options that the students will research and present are: 1) a guaranteed access plan – using subsidies/vouchers to expand access; 2) creating values-based competition – a market approach; or 3) a single payer plan that might work for America.

Professors for the course and their respective disciplines are Dr. Michael Ferry, philosophy; Dr. Alex Landi, political science; Dr. Mel Brandon, philosophy; Dr. Sergio Castello, economics; and Dr. Robert Harding, international politics.

Students will present their research and positions to the campus community at the end of the semester.