SHC Italy Center announces summer programs

Fri, 12/10/2010 - 9:45am

BOLOGNA, Italy – The Spring Hill College Italy Center, located in the vibrant university town of Bologna, has announced its summer sessions for 2011.

The first summer session, set for May 24 through June 11, offers the opportunity for students to fulfill core course requirements while taking advantage of the festivals, food and adventures that Europe offers. Students may choose one or two of the following courses, each worth three credit-hours: International Business, Renaissance to Modern Art, Introduction to Italian and Italian-American Literature, World Religions, or independent study.

The second session, which runs June 14 through July 1, is an undergraduate course titled Peace and Reconciliation Studies in the Balkans. A review and a critical discussion of the concept of peace and the capacity for reconciliation, the course will include travel and study in Italy, Croatia and Bosnia-Herzegovina. Conflict resolution is a growing field of academic study dedicated to exploring how and why religious, ethnic and cultural identities underlie most conflicts across the globe. There is an increasing demand for international relief workers, lawyers, social workers and diplomats to be trained in the field of conflict resolution. This course represents a unique opportunity to observe problems in real-world situations by meeting with local activists.

The Bologna setting of the SHC Italy Center offers an unconventional study abroad experience in which students live in a residence hall with Italian students, acquire basic language skills, and integrate into one of the most beautiful cities in Europe. Academic excellence and a commitment to faith that does justice are at the core of the Spring Hill College Italy Center’s mission.

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