Filmmaker Ryan Noble Joins SHC Faculty

Thu, 08/15/2013 - 9:15am
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The Spring Hill College Communication Arts department welcomes filmmaker Ryan Noble to the faculty this month. Noble will serve as an assistant professor, teaching scriptwriting for film and TV, photography, and digital video production, among other courses.

For nearly 20 years, Noble has been a video and filmmaker completing projects in the form of documentary films, television commercials and narrative feature films. In 2007, he completed his first narrative feature film, Border Wars, as writer, producer, and director. 

From 1998-2012, he was also a faculty member at Collins College (formerly Al Collins Graphic Design School), initially in the Visual Communications Program. He later moved into the Film and Video Production Program after spearheading its creation and the development, writing, and implementation of the curriculum for that Program.

Noble completed an M.F.A. in Dramatic Writing at Arizona State University (May 2013) while also pursuing research interests in visual narrative theory and visual narrative recognition at the neurological level. His recent position in the Hugh Downs School of Human Communication at Arizona State University served as an ideal marriage between his ability to conceptualize, write, and produce narrative-specific, small-budget video stimulus materials and his interests in visual narrative theory, the neurology of visual narrative recognition and the neuroscience of meaning-making in general.

SHC:  How you feel about joining the Spring Hill College faculty and working with the students here?

Ryan Noble:  I'm super excited to have the opportunity to be a part of the Spring Hill family!  Although I have only had the chance to be on campus for a short time and meet only a few of the students, faculty and staff, I have been overwhelmed by the positive aspects: the beautiful campus, the amazing tradition, the collegiality of the people, and on and on. And, having come from another higher educational institution, I'm thrilled at the prospects of continuing to collaborate with students on building their educational careers in preparation for their future professional careers, wherever and whatever that may be.

SHC:  Why is SHC a good fit for you?

RN: I feel that SHC is a great fit for me due to the smaller class sizes and the opportunity to work more closely with students as I'm most passionate about collaborating with students on an individual and group basis to help them achieve their academic goals and maximize their own potential. That type of educational collaboration parallels the collaborative effort required in the film and digital video production world to be successful and have fun!

SHC:  What are you most excited about?

RN: I'm most excited about the opportunity to teach what I love to do and to collaborate with individual students and groups of students on exciting and fun projects.

SHC: What are your goals for the program?

RN: My goals for the program are really my goals for individual students: that each student is able to maximize their potential and discover the path to a lifetime of learning and creating that allows them to reach that potential. Likewise, as individual students are accomplishing this, I'd like the program to maximize it's potential and discover the path to reaching that potential, including many more students and graduates and successful professionals.


In addition to teaching and scholarly work, Noble is also continuing to produce creatively with various screenplays in development, two feature screenplays in rewrite, two stage-play scripts in rewrite, as well as the development of a television series.