Kelly Walker, MSN, RN: Creating Exceptional Nurses

Thu, 10/31/2013 - 4:15pm
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When asked about the most important part of being a nurse, Kelly Walker says that she is blessed to be in a profession that helps others in need. “ As skilled caregivers, above all else, we are here to love and serve the less fortunate,” says Walker.

Her philosophy melds well with the Spring Hill mission of forming leaders engaged in learning, faith, justice, and service for life. Walker recently joined the Spring Hill College faculty as an instructor, and is excited to use her extensive skills to educate SHC students on the finer points of critical care and medical/surgical nursing. 

“I love teaching,” adds Walker, “and I am grateful for the opportunity to guide students—not only on the subjects of community health, disease management, and use of medical technology—but how to be proactive and use critical thinking skills to provide patients with the best nursing care possible.”

Walker recently took a few moments to talk about her own clinical experience, what she loves about Spring Hill, and her goals for the future of the school’s nursing program.

SHC: Talk about joining the faculty at Spring Hill.

KW: I really enjoy lecturing and I was not able to do that working part time. When I discovered that Spring Hill had a full-time position, I pursued it, and fortunately was selected.

My most recent teaching position was in a clinical setting at the University of South Alabama. Prior to that, I taught at Pensacola State College, specializing in adult healthcare.

SHC: What do you find most appealing about SHC’s small classroom size?

KW: I love the small class size, as it allows for one-on-one teaching and offers a feeling of closeness. It also allows for those students who need extra time and attention to receive it.

SHC: Why is SHC a good fit for you?

KW: I am very excited to be a part of Spring Hill College. The school has a wonderful reputation and the nursing department has really embraced me. I feel very welcome and have really enjoyed meeting faculty and staff members from every department across campus. People are so friendly! In addition, I appreciate that prayer is used in our staff meetings.

SHC: What are your goals for the program?

KW: I am working on changing a few areas including the lab. It’s my goal to incorporate substantially more hands-on learning with my students.

In addition, I am trying diligently to incorporate many of the skills I learned in my nursing schools. I love teaching and having 16 years of clinical experience allows me to use my skills and also my education to teach new students how to be exceptional nurses.


This semester, Kelly Walker is teaching Adult Health I, Adult Health II, and Health Assessment at Spring Hill. In the spring of 2014, in addition to these classes, Walker will also offer a course in critical care nursing.

Walker, an Orlando, Fla. native, graduated from the University of Mobile and now lives in Fairhope with her husband. She plans on returning to school to pursue a Doctor of Nursing Practice (DNP) in administration with a focus on education.