From YA Lit to Globalizing Water: New SHC Spring Courses

Mon, 11/04/2013 - 2:30pm
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This spring’s schedule of classes offers a plethora of interesting and unique courses for the upcoming semester.

New courses offered by the Communications Department include Social Media Analytics, Basic TV Production, and Communications for Nonprofits, all of which provide an intriguing approach to the media world in a way that should draw large attention from students. A new Social Science course is also being offered by Kathleen Orange, Director of the Foley Community Service Center. America Inside Out offers students the opportunity to analyze the world’s leading nations, the United States in particular, regarding the issues of fairness and inequality in the modern technologically advanced world.

The English Department is also attracting the attention of students with Dr. Michael Piafsky’s Young Adult Literature course. Following the format of previous writing and discussion based classes, this course will require students to participate and critique peer-work as influenced by the YA genre. Piafsky said, “The idea behind this class is to focus on the type of reading that students do a lot of without ever necessarily applying critical analysis.”

These adolescent favorites or “guilty pleasure” reads will be taken further than the whimsical imagination of our middle school years and will be analyzed for their contributions to the YA genre and their influence on young writers. The popularity of the YA novel and its long standing market success are too worthwhile to dismiss, as Piafsky noted, “these literary texts can be used as a guide for our own writing.”

Another distinct opportunity is the Interdisciplinary course that is offered in the spring semester. This spring’s course, Globalizing Water, offers Spring Hill students the chance to learn from nine different professors over the course of the class. Compiling various perspectives including theological, historical, and political, this course provides students with a well-rounded look at the issues of access, quality, and conflict concerning the worldwide water supply.

Dr. Leigh-Ann Litwiller, orchestrator of the yearly Interdisciplinary course program, said, “As the world gets more complex we want to enable our students to be problem solvers. By putting a problem on the table and pulling a diverse range of perspectives for our students we can offer them a uniquely comprehensive background in global, contemporary issues.” By addressing the lack of awareness in the United States, students will be confronted with the hardships that face millions across the world and will be given the opportunity to apply these issues to their own coastal location. “This is a major issue that has local as well as global ramifications. Our position near the Bay and the Delta will allow us to maximize awareness for this issue,” Litwiller added.

Registration for the spring semester is open until January 17, 2014.


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