SHC SWEETHEARTS ~ Ashley Adams '14 & Joseph Webster '13

Thu, 02/13/2014 - 2:45pm
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Spring Hill College’s Joseph Webster ’13 calls it his “genius idea.” His sophomore year, Webster enrolled in a beginning Spanish class with the hopes of meeting a very special someone.

“I actually signed up for the harder Spanish class knowing that all the other sophomores would choose the easier class,” says Webster. “I figured that I would get mixed in with a lot of freshmen and maybe even find a girl. I’m happy to say that my plan worked!”

Webster’s fiancée, Ashley Adams ’14, recalls sitting in Professor Fabian Balmori’s class on the first day.

“Joseph caught my attention right away. When Dr. Balmori made us go around the room and share our favorite TV show for an ice breaker, Joseph said ‘America’s Funniest Home Videos’ and I just knew he was the one,” says Adams. “It's a little silly, but it’s true.”

Adams, a political science/pre-law major, and Webster, who focused on finance and economics, began dating soon after. After three years together, the couple got engaged in October of 2013.

“Ashley told me a thousand times how excited she would be to have a candlelight ceremony within her sorority (Tri Delta) to reveal that she was engaged,” says Webster. “Unbeknownst to Ashley, I planned a ceremony with the sorority president and surprised everyone by walking in as the ring was being passed around the circle. I proposed and Ashley accepted. I couldn't think of anything that would have meant more to her.”

Webster and Adams plan to marry May 24th of this year, shortly after Ashley’s graduation from Spring Hill College. The wedding will take place in Heflin, Ala., a little town midway between Birmingham and Atlanta. After the ceremony, the couple will fly to the Galápagos Islands for the first week of their honeymoon. The next week will be spent on a medical mission trip in Quito, Ecuador.

“I'm helping plan the wedding as much as I can,” says Webster, “but I'm really only in control of three things: the car we drive we use to drive away from the reception, the honeymoon, and the count down until the wedding, which as of Valentine’s Day, is only 99 days away.”

Webster and Adams plan to remain in Mobile, Ala., after their wedding. Webster recently accepted a position at Regions Bank, and Adams will begin her job search after the honeymoon.  

We are actually in the process of buying a house,” says Adams. “I am happy to say we will be here—close to Spring Hill College and all of our friends—for at least a couple of years.”