SHC Countdown Checklist by Travis C '17

Mon, 08/18/2014 - 12:45pm
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So quickly have our exotic vacations and home cooked meals come to an end! However, I am so excited to start this NEW year on The Hill!

The thing I have grown to love most about college is that you are always experiencing something NEW whether it be the roommate you might be getting this year, or the classes on your course list. So, with that being said, in order for this new journey to begin, there are some important things to take care of...before we take that glorious ride down the Avenue of the Oaks and feel the butterflies as we overlook the golf course on our way up. 


Here’s your SHC checklist:

• Order your textbooks. It is better to order them early so that you won't have to share with Susie sitting next to you in Theology class (It can be annoying) as you are waiting for yours to arrive. You have your schedule already, so get to it! 

 • Gather all of the cool stuff like the full length mirror and pictures of your "besties" from back home and organize it so that when you get to your NEW room, all you have to do is set up. Perhaps label your boxes "Cleaning Supplies" or "Academic Tools."  Also remember that you can send things that you order to your mailbox and your packages will be right there waiting once you arrive!

• Save the awkwardness for NEVER between yourself and your roommate. Call them and acquaint yourselves or even shoot them a text letting them know how elated you are to be hearing them snore for the next semester or to discuss who's bringing what to the room! 

• Spring Hill College is a very historical campus with lots of artifacts that I'm sure will interest you. Do some research and find out about your new home!

• Start figuring out what you want to get involved in! There are many sports, clubs, & organizations to go around! I encourage everyone to find something that they love and stick to it while making sure that it fits into your NEW busy schedule.

• You'll find yourself working out as you go from building to building on campus. I would start taking walks and pacing yourself around your own neighborhood in order to prepare your body for the hike it'll get this semester! 

• Pack accordingly and remember that Mobile's weather can be tricky. Remember that your space will be different from what you are used to so pack those things that you really LOVE and NEED.

• Get all of the SLEEP you can because the anxiety you'll have that first week and the next even for some will take over! Once you make it to campus, figure out where you can fit your sleep into your schedule. Trust me, It's important that our badgers live healthy. We want everyone to be successful academically and physically and this is a great way to do it.

If you have any questions about anything or need help, you can always ask me or the next friendly badger! See you soon! 


Travis C. '17

New Orleans, La.